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Cyber Crime & Scam Prevention

In connection with US Bank, we are proud to offer classes that educate our clients about one of the most prevalent issues in our society today: online scams and financial crimes against seniors.

According to the FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3), individuals 60 years and older were the most victimized group in 2021, reporting 92,371 complaints totaling a collective loss of $1.68 billion.

In total, the IC3 lists the cyber criminal tactics of Phishing (email), Vishing, (phone), Smishing (text), and Pharming  (internet) as the most prevalent forms of cyber crime, victimizing a total 323,972 individuals in 2021, which is 392.79% more than the next most common type.

Additionally, they state that Business Email Compromise (BEC) and Email Account Compromise (EAC) accounted for the greatest total financial loss for individuals in 2021, accumulating a staggering $2,395,953,296 in losses.

At WizKid LLC, we've designed classes that not only teach our clients the best practices for utilizing their technology, but also put a focus on how to detect fraud/scams in all forms of technology communications while providing helpful tips for avoiding becoming a victim.

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