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Cell Phone Classes For Seniors

Our founding members have a combined 20+ years of telecommunications experience and are committed to sharing their expertise with residents of senior and assisted living facilities, retirement communities, and other senior-care facilities through easy-to-consume, in-person cell phone training classes for seniors.

We offer classes for users of both Apple and Android operating systems by providing two one-hour training sessions that begin at square one with a proper introduction to one's smartphone. From showing our clients how to properly set up their devices, to understanding helpful settings, best practices, tips/tricks, and how to use various important mobile applications, we guide our clients through the beginning of their technical journey to ensure everyone leaves with a firm foundation and better understanding of how their devices operate and how they can bring value to their lives.

Our classes were designed by special education educators to provide accessibility for all types of learners, meeting the clients where they are to provide the best possible learning experience for all.

Our goal is to educate, encourage, and empower our clients and improve their quality of life through technical proficiency.

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